Peter North
About the Author
Ogre by day, hero by night... Peter North has been writing "serious" SF&F adventures for many years, under another name. But there's only so long a guy can be serious before he starts to go a bit mad. This is where Peter comes to play. Inspired by Sword & Sorcery of old and HaremLit of new, the Elemental Empires series is a place where men (and open-minded women) can come to experience the intersection of Fantasy and fantasies. Follow Peter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peternorthbooks Visit his website: https://www.peternorthauthor.com
Books From The Author
Blood Rites 3
Blood Rites 2
Blood Rites
Elemental Empire 5
Elemental Empire 4
Elemental Empire 3
Elemental Empire 2
Elemental Empire
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