Monroe Doctrine

Titles From This Series
Monroe Doctrine: Volume I
Monroe Doctrine: Volume II
Monroe Doctrine: Volume III
Monroe Doctrine: Volume IV
Monroe Doctrine: Volume V
Monroe Doctrine: Volume VI
Monroe Doctrine: Volume VII
Monroe Doctrine: Volume VIII
Release Date:June 1, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:91 hr, 19 min

It was called Jade Dragon...and it threatened to destroy the West.

Was an attack on the US imminent?  In a lab deep in the heart of China, a brilliant engineer had a breakthrough. It was the most powerful AI ever created. Ma Young believed the Jade Dragon could combat the world's most dire challenges. There was just one problem...the president of China had other ideas. Was this their chance to conquer?  The war began at the speed of light. The entire NATO alliance stood on the brink of destruction. Cyber attacks, deepfakes, and a wave of social media disinformation wrought fear and desperation across the globe. The sleeping giant was awake. Could Ma stop his creation?

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