The Warrior Midwife

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The Warrior Midwife
The Warrior Priestess
The Warrior Queen
Release Date:October 10, 2023
Series Duration:29 hr, 49 min

"The fae are no joke, girl. Be wise. Be smart. Be cunning if you can…"

What are you supposed to do when your father reveals that he made a binding agreement to marry you off to the Dark Fae Prince across the mountains? He’d done it to save our kingdom; that was fair. What's not fair is that I have to leave everything I ever knew to marry a monster. Under the cover of night, I escape the palace to use my secret magic and be a midwife to the city’s women, and now I have to leave them all behind. The fae prince is an arrogant jerk and a dirty fighter. The commander of their elite forces is a terrifying enigma. When they arrive to take me away, what happens next is nothing I could have ever dreamed of. I end up at the fae warrior academy for their males, disguised as a male, and have to share a dorm room with my fae fiancé. There are big powers at play here, and I'm the only person with the power to make a difference. Could things get any worse? The answer is yes. She's the Man meets Sarah J. Maas in this slow-burn spicy romantic fantasy.

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