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Release Date:March 13, 2018
Series Duration:11 hr, 14 min

Sinful: A Cassandra Dee Menage Bundle includes All the Best Men and Seven Brothers of Sin.

All the Best Men: I went to a wedding and came out with not one hot guy, but three. They say weddings are the best places to meet someone. Yeah, right. In my putrid green bridesmaid dress, I just wanted to disappear. But I saw the best man looking at me. And then his friend looked, too. And then his friend as well. Was I crazy? Was I going nuts? But it was true. Mason, Kane, and Tyler were definitely interested, sending hot vibes my way. But it’s wrong. This is a wedding, for crying out loud. I’m supposed to be the maid of honor, with flowers in my hair, projecting innocence and purity. Because this is dirty and nasty, taboo as hell. But I want it. Bad. Hot and hungry. Bent over and screaming. And the three best men? Well, they’re only too happy to do the honors.... Seven Brothers of Sin: Why pick one guy when you can have seven? I grew up next to the Morgan boys. Playing doctor was really fun. But now, 10 years later, I'm back from college. And the Morgans...well, they make me shiver, everything going hot. Because the men are gorgeous. Matt on Monday. Tim on Tuesday. Will on Wednesday. Trent on Thursday. Ford on Friday. Sam on Saturday. And Smith...oh God, Smith's perfect for Sundays. Because Sunday's meant for penance. Doing right and thinking good thoughts. Going to church and acting godly. But I can't be good. I can't possibly choose; they're too gorgeous. So I don't pick. Is that wrong? Or is seven my lucky number?

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