The Tyr Trilogy

Titles From This Series
The Tyr: Arrival
The Tyr: Ordeal
The Tyr: Defiance
Release Date:August 3, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:29 hr, 8 min

Can one family save a world?

Daniel Clay fought across the galaxy as a corporate soldier. He left the violence behind for a life of science, raising a family far from the bloodshed of the Corporation.

Clay, with his wife Sarah and son Michael, studied the alien Tyr for years, hidden among their complex societies. Their mission should have ended with the arrival of a replacement team. Instead, the Clays’ corporate overlords choose a death sentence: an invasion fleet to conquer the Tyr. 

This first contact will destroy the Tyr, and only Daniel Clay and his family can help fight back against the drug-fueled conscripts and military might of the invaders. The Clays must help the Tyr from the shadows, or be killed by the Tyr who fear them, or the Corporation they’ve betrayed.  But the Clays aren’t the only hidden power.

_If you like Avatar or V, you’ll love The Tyr Trilogy, a series that combines the wonder, excitement and drama of top-notch sci-fi. _ Brought to the audio realm by none other than award-winning voice artist R.C. Bray.

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