The Tyr: Ordeal
The Tyr: Ordeal
The Tyr Trilogy - Book 2

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Performed By:R.C. Bray
Release Date:October 3, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 13 min

The human invaders will have the Tyr’s planet. No mercy. No survivors.

The corporation continues to grind the Tyr into dust against an enemy they can barely comprehend. With cities under siege and their armies shattered, the Tyr must find a way to fight back or be doomed to extinction. The Clay family struggle to find a way to stop the corporation before all hope is lost. Daniel Clay and General Fastal launch a secret and dangerous mission to steal the only weapon that can turn the tide. Sarah Clay, surrounded by a faction she can’t trust, must win over the Hidden cabal to infiltrate behind enemy lines. Their son, Michael, fights to survive amidst a sea of refugees and to keep his true identity secret. The ordeal of the human invasion continues. The Clay family are beset by enemies and threats on all sides as they search for a way to save the Tyr…and to save their family. The Tyr: Ordeal is the thrilling next book of The Tyr Trilogy, a first contact space opera series from the bestselling author that brought you The Ember War and The Exiled Fleet.

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