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Big Trouble
At Large
Well Done
Release Date:July 30, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:37 hr, 5 min

Chase Berrymore dreams of adventure, excitement, and getting the heck out of her pastoral halven village.

But when adventure finds her, she'll be scrambling to save her family and friends from a necromancer's wrath. Outmatched in almost every way, she'll have to use her wits, charisma, and a bit of divine favor to figure out the path to victory.  Even worse, she'll have to figure out ways to deal with the weird and nigh-immortal beings that call themselves "playas"...and she'll have to do it with the most powerful weapon she has available: words. Violence is not her forte, but cunning, deception, and careful negotiation with unstable and self-centered sociopaths might just win the day and save herself and her family from this horrible situation which she is absolutely not to blame for in the slightest. A LitRPG romp from an NPC's point of view!

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