The Dreams Trilogy

Titles From This Series
Dreams of You
Glimmers of Me
Echoes of Us
Release Date:February 14, 2023
Series Duration:29 hr, 46 min

Dean Cullen. The boy next door. My best friend’s big brother.

I’d known the arrogant, bossy, domineering jackass my entire life. Falling in love with him would be such a cliché. Not to mention, the town’s golden boy (insert eye roll here) had big plans to get the hell out of Dodge and they didn’t include me, which was fine. I had my own life mapped out, far from his. Falling in love with the boy with stars in his eyes was the last thing I wanted to do. That’s why I tried to deny how much his infectious smile haunted my dreams. I planned to ignore my sudden infatuation until it went away. No one would ever know. Fate had other ideas. While I was trying not to fall in love with Dean, he was falling in love with me. Dreams of You is book one in The Dreams Trilogy.

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