Maven of Mayhem

Titles From This Series
The Secrets We Keep
The Sacrifices We Make
The Scars We Bare
Release Date:March 15, 2022
Series Duration:31 hr, 1 min

Contract killer. Adopted daughter. Sarcastic soul. There are a lot of things to call me, but most just call me Rogue.

A name feared by the truly unforgivable who betray The Gambit, our leader King, and our extensive criminal network. After all, I may run the hit men for the crew, but I personally only take on those who deserve it. I do have some morals left. When I'm tracked down by a security team that wants me on its side, it's an easy choice to unite and attempt to take down their corrupt bosses, and mine, too. S o long as they're willing to help me in return. Let's just hope we don't become the pawns in a game none of us were prepared to play. _The Secrets We Keep _is a full-length reverse-harem novel and is book one of the Maven of Mayhem series. It ends on a cliff-hanger, so please be forewarned. It also features M/M building throughout the series, past trauma in flashbacks, as well as some steamy scenes.

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