The Scars We Bare
The Scars We Bare
Maven of Mayhem - Book 3

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Release Date:June 14, 2022
Duration:11 hr, 25 min

Killer. Traitor. Queen.

I never thought learning about my parents would bring more questions than answers. I am a product of both my genetics and my upbringing, no matter how much my mind rages against recent revelations.

But now, it’s time to embrace the darkness that lives in my veins; the creature that prowls within. To end this once and for all, I’ll have to become someone I’ve spent my life loathing.

Lucas, Han, Noah, and Jacob are working to undermine Annex Security from inside with the help of a few unlikely allies while I take the reins and set my sights on a target closer to home.

The board is set, the pawns sacrificed, and when all is said and done, the Queen’s Gambit is poised to wipe the whole damn board. The only question is, can we all make it out? Can we survive without succumbing to the monsters we hide within?

The Scars We Bare is the third and final book in the Maven of Mayhem Series. It is highly recommended to read the other two books in sequential order to follow the story line. This is a full-length, why choose novel; meaning our leading lady does not need to choose between love interests to find her happily ever after and includes MM. This book contains steamy scenes and violence. Please read the content warnings because your mental health comes first.

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