Time Diving

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Letters from Hell
Purgatory's Best Shot
Heaven Says Wait
Into the Nexus
Release Date:May 23, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:39 hr, 8 min

What if you could go back in time and change some of the mistakes that haunt your past? Matt Dunsratty did just that.

Matt found a way to erase his past regrets. He was an average guy who was pissing and moaning his way toward retirement. Like many people before him, he often wished things had gone differently for him. Be careful what you wish for! Matt found out all too soon that the weight of being able to alter his past was much more than he could have anticipated. It all began one dull summer vacation as an experiment in transcendental meditation. Through meditation, Matt chanced upon the ability to plant his adult thoughts in the head of his younger selves, thus altering their shared future. But innocent meddling paves the way for increasingly selfish choices. Little by little, the Matt that once was is slowly stripped away. What remains is less and less recognizable and acceptable to his loved ones and himself. When Matt reboots a high school romance, his future families are blown, shattered, and destroyed. Matt saves John Lennon from assassination to help his best friend. But Matt, in a fit of rage, reconsiders his rescue, even though the reversal will cancel the utopian future forged by Lennon. Matt learns that small changes make all the difference, and unlimited greed quickly leads to unending suffering. Can Matt save himself and his sanity? Think Somewhere In Time meets Slaughterhouse-Five. _Letters From Hell _will keep you spellbound with its convoluted twists in time and Mathew Dunsratty.

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