Purgatory's Best Shot
Purgatory's Best Shot
Time Diving - Book 2

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Release Date:July 11, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 56 min

Matthew Dunsratty is trapped in a nightmare of his own creation. Worse yet, he can never escape from it.

All he wanted to do was add a little spice to his dull life. That's why he had devised a way to place new ideas in the minds of younger versions of himself. "Just a little fun." Ultimately, that joyriding-in-time led to him accidentally murdering a young classmate. That heinous act landed Matt in the state mental hospital with no chance of ever leaving it alive. He would never meet his beloved wife or walk along a beach. He was trapped in the bleakest of institutions where medications were forced on him until he could barely think straight. But a ray of hope shone into his darkest of existences. Fortuitous happenstance allowed him to finally time dive away. To his astonishment, he discovered that there was much, much more to time diving than he could have ever imagined. He could not just place a thought in the past, he could physically return to it. Armed with his new skill set, he decided to return to 1975 and try to stop a fellow patient he befriended from brutally and inexplicably murdering his family. But Matt rediscovered a harsh fact that plagued him in his first life: no good deed would go unpunished. His attempted rescue forced him to confront the most powerful and malevolent time diver ever—Biblico Hoxha. This man was so evil he started wars for fun and spewed evil on all those around him. And he took an immediate dislike to Matt. Now Matt had to literally run for his life. With Biblico on his tail, was it even possible for Matt to help his friend avert his horrendous crime? Would Matt be denied his quest for redemption from his previous sins? Only by embarking on the greatest journey ever through time and space could he hope to succeed. Along the way, revisiting his youth in person promised to keep him on his toes, if not his best behavior. Matthew's struggles may not be over, but the epic tales of Time Diving are just beginning!

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