Mob Sorcery

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Mob Sorcery 1
Mob Sorcery 2
Release Date:January 30, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:29 hr, 48 min

In a city where magic is as common as air, Vince receives an offer he can't refuse.

The local wolffolk mafia longs for their glory days, and their alluring don, Alessia Lionetti, wants a powerful enforcer to bring them back. That's Vince. This is his big break from his days as a hired thug. Working for the mafia has a short life expectancy, though. Especially in a world where the masquerade shattered long ago. Demons run banks, birdfolk ferry people across town, and the police possess crack teams of sorcerers to keep the peace. Bad news for Vince and his dreams of mafia wealth. Not to mention that the corrupt mayor is backing the mafia's rivals or that Vince's usual employer doesn't appreciate his moonlighting. Plus, the don's sister is a wild one. Vince might not become a made man, but his future with the mob will make him or break him.

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