Confessions Of A Hustla's Daughter

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Confessions of a Hustla's Daughter
Confessions of a Hustla's Daughter 2
Release Date:August 22, 2023
Series Duration:15 hr, 51 min

Daddy’s girl isn’t a little girl anymore.

Juleena always knew she wanted to go away to college; she just didn’t know it would be in New York. That was until she met and fell in love with her boyfriend, Mooski, a few summers ago. Juleena knew she wanted to be close to him, so she applied to every college possible in the tri-state area just so she could be close to him. Ju’s plan was to always attend NYU, so when she got accepted into Fordham University, she felt herself straying from her life’s path. Juleena thought moving to New York would make her and Mooski closer. Instead, the two of them couldn’t be further apart. With Juleena being in college and having newfound freedom, she ends up meeting the star football player at her school, Shaheed Hall. Juleena has always had eyes for Mooski. He’s her first love and the one she wants to spend her life with. The thought of Shaheed is something she can’t seem to shake, and his feelings are mutual. How will Juleena manage college, an older boyfriend, and being miles away from her father? Sidney thought she had died and gone to heaven when Meech moved her in with him. Norma, her mother, had always taught her to use what she had to get whatever she wanted. Sidney thought she finally got what she wanted—Meech. The things that used to make her happy as a seventeen-year-old just don’t do it anymore. What was once glitter and gold quickly turn into shit and flies. While Meech just tosses material things at her, she craves his time and energy. For her 20th birthday, Meech sends Sidney to Miami with her girls. While he's trying to get Sidney out of his sight for a few days, Sidney ends up in the sights of another man—Big Reem.

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