Chase Malone

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Performed By:Roger Wayne
Release Date:July 20, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:175 hr, 57 min

It made him rich...and it might end humanity. Is it even possible to stop the AI he created?

Before Chase turned 30, he developed an ultra-advanced artificial intelligence decades ahead of the competition. When he sold it, he imagined all the good TruNeural would do for the planet. He was wrong. The CIA and Chinese both want it. The most powerful corporation in the world is after him. Who can he turn to? Wen Sung; she knows all the players. There's just one problem: In order to help Chase, she must get out of China, and the government wants to stop her by any means. Will she outwit the assassins and escape? Can Chase and Wen destroy the AI, save themselves, and save the world? Or will they be forced to choose?

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