Alpha Physics

Titles From This Series
Alpha Physics Omnibus: Part One
Alpha Physics Omnibus: Part Two
Home Bound
Release Date:October 12, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:179 hr, 6 min

In the apocalypse, the first weapon Adrian will have to upgrade is himself.

The end of the world as we know it couldn’t come at a worse time for him. One minute, he’s an operations manager who’s overseeing a construction job in the wilderness. The next, an unknown energy force changes the very nature of life itself, from the smallest organism to the top of the food chain. The Earth’s surviving inhabitants, its environment, and the very laws of physics have all undergone fundamental transformations. Many of those changes aren’t pretty. Plenty of them are deadly. Luckily for Earth, this has happened to other species before, and everyone receives an interface that survivors of similar events have used to navigate through an alien landscape. Adrian’s going to need every advantage he can get. He’s stranded in the middle of nowhere; there are days, maybe weeks of travel between him and his family. In a world full of monsters and mayhem, survival means beating the learning curve....

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