The Cycle of Galand
The Cycle of Galand
The Cycle of Galand - Book 10

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Release Date:July 2, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:26 hr, 49 min

The world of Rale is being consumed by Nolost, the entity of destruction.

There are only days left to stop him, and only one man who can: the nethermancer Dante Galand. But the mentor who would have shown him how has just been slain by Nolost's armies. With his last hopes fading, Dante hatches a mad plan: travel into the afterlife, find his dead mentor, and finish training in the ancient technique to kill the entity. His friends, the blade master Blays and the sorcerer Gladdic, have been separated from him, but knowing Dante needs more time, they come up with a mad plan of their own. Nolost is attacking the secret heart of the world—and Blays and Gladdic mean to travel there and sabotage his work before it's complete. They know it will be a mission they won't return from. But the war that has devastated the land of the living is exploding across the once-peaceful afterlife as well, threatening the missions of Dante and Blays alike. Time has run out. The final battle is upon them—and Rale's last champions may not get there in time to fight it. The last book of The Cycle of Galand is here. Resolving secrets both old and new and culminating in an epic battle and its shocking aftermath, the grand story of Dante and Blays is now complete.

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