The Wound of the World

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Release Date:April 25, 2017
Format:Single Narration
Duration:21 hr, 6 min

Dante and Blays have forced Gladdic from the Collen Basin.

But the victory might be only the first battle in a much larger war. With the land on the brink of starvation and politically fractured, Dante and Blays scramble to secure Collen's food, borders, and allies. Before their work is done, rumor arrives from Mallon. The enemy is mustering for another attack. Even if Collen can weather the coming storm, there's no guarantee their independence will last out the year. During a border raid, Dante learns Gladdic has fled to the shadowy realm of Tanar Atain, home of the Andrac. And the secrets Gladdic returns with could tip the balance of power forever.

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