Rent: Paid in Full
Rent: Paid in Full
Bad Decisions - Book 1

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Release Date:May 14, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 50 min

“You have something I want. Something I’ll happily buy… or rent.”

As if my life doesn’t suck enough already, my insufferable new roommate, Miller MacAvoy, seems determined to make things weird. He watches me all the time, grinning at me like a beautiful idiot, eyes boring holes into me every time I turn my back on him. It’s the last thing I need. Things haven’t been going well. College isn’t working out at all like I’d hoped. I’m drowning in debt, waiting tables every shift I can get, and falling behind on my studies. Something’s got to give. I can’t go on like this much longer. Miller, being the out-of-touch rich boy he is, keeps offering to throw cash my way. Obviously, I’d rather die than accept charity from him. Still, he watches and waits. Insisting again and again that I have something he wants to buy. It’s insane. I have nothing of value to sell. Absolutely nothing. My phone screen is cracked and my truck could easily be mistaken for scrap. Wait. No! Surely not. He can’t possibly be thinking that. Can he?

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