Memories of Mistletoe
Memories of Mistletoe
Winterville - Book 4

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Release Date:August 29, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 39 min

He’s not made for relationships. Especially not the kind she wants…

Mason Parker doesn’t believe in love. Sure, he cares about people—his younger brother, for example. That’s why he’s bringing him all the way to an abandoned cabin in the mountains to straighten him out. But love? That’s for fairytales and people who haven’t had the hope knocked out of them. People like his brand new Little-Miss-Sunshine neighbor with the golden hair and unwavering smile. Alaska Winter is a pure romantic. Her silver linings always outnumber the clouds. When two hulking brothers move into the abandoned shack next door, she puts on a smile and introduces herself—and gets knocked back. That’s okay. She’ll just be neighborly from a distance. She won’t notice the way Mason’s muscles flex whenever he uses an axe or the way his eyes are like flint whenever he looks at her. And he won’t notice the way she plays with her dog in the snow when she’s only wearing skimpy pajamas. Neighbors. That’s all they’ll be. What could possibly go wrong?

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