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Release Date:February 9, 2021
Duration:9 hr, 51 min

Princess Corla was supposed to be my soul mate.

But we were star crossed. Two ships passing in the dark. Meant to be together, but never able to be together. At least that's what I thought. But it turns out my life is a lie, evil forces are out to get us, Harem Station is spinning chaos, and the soul mate bond won't protect us. Sounds pretty bad, right? But here's the best part. I can change it. I can change all of it. If I can just find a way to get myself uncrossed. Uncrossed is the last book in the Harem Station series. It features a man chasing his star-crossed soul mate through time, a bazillion enemies at the gate, an entire station in chaos, and an explosive ending that proves, once and for all, that love wins in the end. _Includes a special note from the author. _

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