A Minute More
A Minute More
Timeless - Book 1

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Release Date:March 19, 2024
Duration:6 hr, 26 min

I'll admit I've never had grandiose plans for my future.

I'm really more of a "take it as it comes" sort of dude. But making minimum wage at a small-town sandwich shop wasn't exactly what I had in mind after college graduation either. It may not be an exciting life, but it isn't so bad. At least I have my amazing coworkers and friends who always try to make the workday fun. Everyone, that is, except the new guy, Simon. That guy is not fun. He's broody and silent, but I can tell that something interesting is brewing just under his surface. Day after day, I try to get his attention, try to coax him out of his shell. He won't even look at me, let alone talk. It's making me a little crazy if I'm honest. I don't even know why I care—I'm not gay. But there's just something about him that draws me in. He's become this mystery that I need to unravel. Until one night, I get a small peek behind Simon's mask—a shared kiss, just a minute in time, and then it's gone. I don't even know what to think. All I know is I need more. I want all the hidden parts of him. I don't understand this obsession, this need. And I'm afraid that there isn't much I wouldn't do for just a minute more.

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