Down in the Hollow
Down in the Hollow

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Performed By:Joe Hempel
Release Date:September 5, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 43 min

It all begins with a decapitated head found at the bottom of a dark well.

Bertram Stone is a former Texas Ranger running from the changes of an ever-evolving world. Horses were being replaced by cars. Laws were changing how Bertram could deliver justice. Wanting to live out his golden years in peace, Stone flees to the quiet town of Hamilton, Texas where he becomes the local sheriff. In a small town where the law rarely needs enforcing, everything is going according to his plan.—until a great evil plunges Hamilton into horror. On the outskirts of town, in a small community called Deer Hollow, there is a ramshackle cabin where a man lives by the name of Eli Snow. He is a recluse, living away from other people. Nobody knows about the secret terror he has kept hidden away for years. A nightmare that is about to be unleashed.

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