Bite of Loyalty
Bite of Loyalty
Blood Oath - Book 1

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Release Date:January 30, 2024
Duration:6 hr, 22 min

Being the sole survivor of the Van Helsing family was never a burden I wanted to carry.

Yet here I am, an orphan with a score to settle against Dracula for orchestrating the near genocide of my bloodline. One small kink in that plan: I was turned into the blood-sucking creature I was born to destroy. Being admitted into the Dark Imaginarium Academy to hone my new skills as a vampire and to survive the blood lust is the first step towards achieving my revenge. No one is prepared for me to infiltrate their ranks, but I know they aren't going to let me get my revenge without a fight. What I'm not ready for is the three vampires that make my blood burn for an entirely different reason. Luckily, I’m okay with coating my nails with the entrails of anyone who stands in my way. My name is Alina Van Helsing, and I’m out for blood. Bite of Loyalty is the first book in the Blood Oath series. It is a paranormal romance featuring a female lead with a backbone made of steel and three men who will fight her tooth and nail as she is on her path of vengeance. If you love enemies to lovers romance, dark secrets, sassy and strong heroines, plus forbidden love, look no further. Intended for mature listeners.

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