Debating with the Duke
Debating with the Duke
Second Sons of London - Book 2

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Performed By:Gary Furlong
Release Date:April 25, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:6 hr, 42 min

First sons inherit all. Third sons are promised to the church. Second sons do their duty and serve in the military—unless fate intervenes and turns their lives upside down.

A serious duke who has been shattered by war. An opinionated beauty with no interest in marriage. A kiss that should be wrong but is more than right. Major Everett Wayland is stunned when his brother is murdered, making Ev the Duke of Camden. The shy duke meets a matchmaking beauty of the ton who, while unsuited to be his duchess, promises to help Ev find an appropriate woman to become his wife. Lady Adalyn Goulding is not easily intimidated and is a leader in polite society, occasionally matching couples together. Her cousin, Tessa, has made a love match and has a new baby, causing Adalyn to rethink her stance on marriage. When she agrees to find a stodgy duke a bride who is dignified and unapproachable, Adalyn has no idea what she’s in for—especially after the dull duke kisses her—and she finds he’s not quite what he seems. Will Ev convince Addie that she is everything he wants—and didn’t know he needed? _Debating with the Duke _is the second book in the Second Sons of London, a regency romance series where seven men—who are second sons—lay claim to fabulous wealth and lofty titles and fulfill their destinies upon finding their soulmates. All books in this series can be enjoyed as standalones.

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