Warlock's Sun Rising

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Performed By:Ralph Lister
Release Date:August 21, 2018
Format:Single Narration
Duration:30 hr, 10 min

As a mad warlock pursues the power to enslave kingdoms, two monks seek an unholy alliance with a sorceress to stop him....

Witch hunters Horskram and Adelko have foiled a wizards’ plot to conquer their homeland, but the mastermind remains at large. Now they face a race against time to find him, as he raises a superhuman army of Wadwos bent on conquest of the Free Kingdoms. Accompanied by five of the best swords in the land - and the feckless squire Vaskrian - the two Argolians must brave the enchanted Argael forest and seek the elusive Earth Witch to have any chance of locating Horskram's mortal foe Andragorix. Time is of the essence, as the web of deceit spun by Andragorix’s allies spreads across the realms of mortalkind to ensnare Pangonia, most powerful of the Free Kingdoms. And on the Other Side, the King of Gehenna watches.

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