Under the Ice Blades
Under the Ice Blades
Dragon Blood - Book 5.5

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Release Date:December 27, 2016
Format:Single Narration
Duration:5 hr, 58 min

Captain Astuawilda Kaika is an elite forces soldier, a demolitions expert, and a woman who loves secret missions.

She most certainly isn't someone with the patience to teach General Zirkander's raw cadets how to survive encounters with the enemy. Certain she's been given this duty as a punishment, she confronts her superiors, only to find out that King Angulus himself gave her the assignment. When she attempts to reasonably and respectfully - and certainly not presumptuously - explain to him that she's not suited for teaching, she gets swept up in a mission to a secret research facility that has been invaded by enemy agents. Soon, she, King Angulus, and General Zirkander are engrossed in an investigation that could change the world - and destroy all that they know.

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