World Tree Apocalypse: Volume 1
World Tree Apocalypse: Volume 1
World Tree Apocalypse - Book 1

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Release Date:March 12, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 34 min

When a pilot with no name breaks through a rift to a dying world, he and his experimental fighter plane become the only things in the way of a horrific army of monsters that is marching to burn down the mystical world tree and kill its keeper as the final symbol of their grim victory.

What happens when an emotionless killer is transported to another place? When a man who was trained to hunt in the skies above barren ashlands now becomes the last protector of the perfect garden below instead? What happens when a soldier with as much blood on his hands as engine grease must find a way to live together with a peaceful incarnation of nature itself—a dryad—in order to save the last sparks of life on her fading world from a series of invasions that never seem to end? The one-thousand-year crisis has begun. The world tree, towering up toward the heavenly skies, is the greatest beacon of resilience and peace that there is. Saturated with deeply set, ancient magical energies, it is the most powerful source of ambient, restorative magic that the dying world has ever known. Guarded solely now by its last pacifistic caretaker, a forest dryad, it seems inevitable that it will soon be destroyed with nobody around who is strong enough to protect it from the steadily approaching danger. Rising from the shadows, horrific monsters from forgotten eras tear through the world in the steadily growing waves of their invasion, breaking free from their ancient prisons deep below its surface as they rampage and destroy the cities of men, elves, and all the other races of the many continents. Filled with nothing but an intent to kill, the system-manifested hordes march toward the last garden in order to bring about the end of the last era. As one nation after the other falls, everything seems lost until fate intervenes and a rift between worlds opens, bringing in the only hope the many nations, the sacred tree, as well as its peace-loving caretaker, have against the endless tide of blood and fangs—a transmigrated war pilot, flying an experimental combat aircraft, the Jagdflugzeug-09 Kestrel. Is this one man enough to stop the monster invasions, which grow stronger and stronger with every subsequent wave? Can the pilot with no name carry the fate of the world upon his wings, or can he only watch from above as the fires of the apocalypse reach up to the sky to consume him as well before the fall of final darkness? Find out in this latest novel by trending LitRPG and fantasy author D.M. Rhodes!

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