World Tree Apocalypse: Volume 2
World Tree Apocalypse: Volume 2
World Tree Apocalypse - Book 2

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Release Date:July 30, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 54 min

The war against the last bastion of humanity continues beneath the shadow of the gargantuan world tree.

Monsters still rise from the brackish blackwater in droves, charging toward the final holdout fortress with claws and teeth bared. But now, the once-lone pilot from another world is no longer alone in his defense of what remains of the world tree valley—the last holdout of life on the planet. His brutal war machine has ramped up in full strength, and steel machinations are brought out to the frontlines in order to fight back against the unseen enemy power, dubbed only lovelessly under the moniker Tango. Elven snipers climb the trees to neutralize targeted goblin threats, treaded heavy tanks roll through the mud with steel cannons flared toward dragons’ bellies, and formation-flying squadrons of fighter planes buzz overhead in pursuit of winged devils as the war that never ends reaches a scope of unparalleled destruction and carnage both in and outside of the valley as a great reclamation of the world is set to begin. In its last act of defiance against the apocalypse, humanity and its brethren races—elves, orcs, fairies, dwarves, and the animistic vildt—all unite beneath one singular banner, all wearing the same uniforms as they march toward the fight. Can Pilot, the man from another world, and Caretaker, the last dryad, work together to unite not just a few wayward people but to instead have an entire city’s worth of men and women pour everything in their souls into brutal warfare, the likes of which this world has never known? The war is escalating and testing the strength and resolve of what everyone has come together to build and protect with gunfire and gritted teeth. Do the men with black boots have what it takes, or will blackwater consume the world, leaving nothing but a hell full of monsters? Find out in volume two of World Tree Apocalypse by trending LitRPG author D.M. Rhodes!

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