The Coming Darkness

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Release Date:June 8, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 28 min

The light fades. The darkness comes.

Alesh and his companions managed to survive Aldrick's betrayal, defeating the nightlings and driving them back out of the city, but their troubles are just beginning. For there are other traitors in their midst, hiding in the shadows, and while they should be preparing for the approaching enemy army, Alesh and the others are forced to scour the city in search of them. Meanwhile, Sonya and the Broken flee the enemy encampment, hounded by Argush's soldiers. But Sonya is just a child, the Broken is wounded, and their hunters are closing in. Yet, the soldiers are not their biggest worry, for night is coming and, with it, creatures of darkness, hungry for blood. As the number of prisoners in the city increases, threatening to overflow the dungeons, Alesh, as its leader, will be forced to make hard decisions. Decisions, which will weaken his faith not just in the gods, but in himself. And to make matters worse, as the army gathers outside the city, Alesh will discover that his powers have abandoned him when he needs them most. Valeria, the last light which stands against the coming night, falters. Darkness stretches its talons toward the city and its people, toward Alesh and the other Chosen. Should they fall, the world will fall with them. The final battle for Valeria, for the world has begun.

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