The Strength of Mortals
The Strength of Mortals
The Nightfall Wars - Book 4

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Release Date:December 22, 2020
Format:Single Narration
Duration:12 hr, 51 min

The warriors of Darkness approach. The Long Night comes.

With the help of his friends, Alesh has defeated Tesharna and taken over the rule of Valeria, bringing the Light back to a city swallowed by Darkness. But some shadows linger, even in the face of the day, and some threats hide in plain sight.  Outside Valeria, the Broken gathers an army of murderers and servants of the Darkness whose only desire is death and destruction while Kale, now known as Argush, musters the nightlings and terrorizes the countryside. Faced with squabbling nobles who care only for their own ambitions, threatened by betrayal from within, Alesh begins the impossible task of preparing the city's defenses. But time is running out - night is coming, one that threatens to snuff out the Light once and for all.  The gods themselves cannot help. Javen, the God of Chance, lies dying, the poison of the mysterious God of Shadows coursing through his veins. Amedan is weak from Shira's betrayal and Deitra, the Goddess of Music and Art, grieves, her song one of pain and regret. But as dire as their situation is, Alesh and his companions will not run - not this time. For the Light does not hide, and its greatest strength lies in being seen - even if being seen makes it vulnerable to a host of shadows who seek only to extinguish it.  The shadows lengthen and the Long Night comes. If Valeria is to be saved, if Alesh and his companions are to survive the coming storm, then they will be delivered not by the blessings of gods but by the strength of mortals.

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