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Release Date:September 12, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:19 hr, 7 min

First contact from the alien's perspective. Sixth edition.

Michael Baker is a 35-year-old, natural-born American citizen from Texas, a successful entrepreneur, and amateur astronomer. The scientific community mocks him when he publishes the time and coordinates where a supernova will occur. When it occurs, people start wondering who Michael is. The day after his third supernova prediction stunningly comes true, Michael abruptly takes over every television and radio in the world and announces that he is the Ambassador to Earth from the Intergalactic Confederation of Planets. Earth is facing multiple grave threats and must take immediate action if there is any hope for humanity’s survival. The Confederation has come to help and is willing to intervene if world leaders will accept the help the Confederation offers. Set initially on the Big Island of Hawaii, the story circles the globe in search of enough allies to allow the Confederation to work on humanity’s behalf. It is a riveting epic of alien first contact that features uplifting and sometimes humorous accounts of humanity’s first interactions with intelligent extraterrestrial life, and it reveals as much about the people of Earth as it does of those who have come to save it. If you like Arthur C. Clarkes' Childhood’s End, or the movie Avatar, then you will love this book. It tells the story of the aliens walking among us and their purpose here on Earth. It is the first book in the Ascendancy series, which tells the story of humanity's ascent into intergalactic civilization.

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