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Release Date:February 27, 2024
Duration:5 hr, 45 min

A catastrophic megaquake. An unforgiving tsunami. A family caught in the middle.

Clint Redshaw walks into a port facility meeting expecting an ordinary day arguing about the budget. When the shaking starts, he keeps calm. But as the tremors stretch on and on, the ground rips apart, the dock disintegrates, and chunks of land fall into the Strait. When the quake finally ends, there’s only one thing on his mind: his daughter. Mika’s singing songs and laughing with a gaggle of other sixteen-year-olds as they climb into the Pacific Northwest mountains for a scout weekend. One minute, it’s sunshine and good vibes, and the next, it’s screaming and chaos as a landslide careens down the mountainside, heading straight for the van. Daphne’s multiple floors up in a high-rise conference room when the water in her glass ripples. Four minutes later, everyone around her is dead or injured, and she thinks she’s lucky to have survived. Little does she know, it’s only the beginning. With a wave of water about to inundate the greater Seattle metro, it’s a race against time to survive. Clint, Mika, and Daphne Redshaw dig deep to find their inner strength and courage to not only survive the big one but find their way back to each other. Upheaval is book one in the Fault Lines series, an apocalyptic disaster thriller series following ordinary people struggling to survive when a megaquake plunges the Pacific Northwest into chaos.

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