A Spell for Heartsickness
A Spell for Heartsickness
The Rune Tithe - Book 1

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Release Date:October 15, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

In this charming MM romantic fantasy, cursed witch Briar Wyngrave has a date with destiny—but isn’t totally sure which man that date is with.

Witch Briar Wyngrave’s time is limited. The wasting curse that killed his mother is coming for him too, consuming his magic bit by bit. At least he’ll have the chance to make his name as a magical fashion designer with an elite placement in Pentawynn, the country’s glittering capital, after graduation. Until, that is, a prophecy sends him to the remote island of Coill Darragh instead, in search of a predestined lover with a mysterious mask.   When Briar arrives with his grumpy magpie familiar, Vatii, he finds an unwelcoming town, a murdered poltergeist named Gretchen in his apartment, and a handsome alderman named Rowan with a haunting scar. He also gets pulled into the mysterious magic of the darkly enchanted forest that surrounds the town and seems to have something to do with his curse . . .  As if all that weren’t enough, famous witch Linden Fairchild has come to town, complete with a charismatic smile, an unreadable aura, and a surefire plan to cure curses.   How’s a cursed witch to know which enchanting man is his destiny? And can Briar possibly make an impact as a magical fashion designer in this tiny town? One thing is certain: a witch’s magic requires a tithe—a berry, a feather, a cut into flesh—and Coill Darragh may take tithes Briar isn’t ready to give . . .

“As comfy and satisfying as ‘the taste of hot stew on a rainy night.’” —Kirkus Reviews

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