Muddy Murder

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Release Date:June 11, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:5 hr, 12 min

In the idyllic Irish village of Ballywick, Shayla Murphy is living her dream.

With her charming fiancé Seamus by her side, she's just a week away from the grand opening of the Eyerloch Castle Hotel—a high-class haven she’s been tasked with managing. Just when the finishing touches are being made, unexpected visitors in the form of the richest family in Australia descend upon the not-yet-open hotel, seeking luxurious accommodations. When a member of the visiting family turns up dead, the grand opening is the least of Shayla's worries. With her keen detective skills and knack for solving murders, can Shayla find the killer in time to save the hotel and her future? Adding to the mayhem, Shayla's estranged mother arrives unannounced, stirring up old family dynamics and secrets that could crack the case wide open—or muddy the waters even further. Dive into this cozy Irish caper, where the stakes are high, the tea is hot, and the mysteries are just waiting to be solved. Shayla Murphy's third adventure is a charming blend of whimsy, suspense, and unexpected family drama. Your room at Eyerloch Castle Hotel is ready—will you dare to check in?

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