Drowned in Gold

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Release Date:November 5, 2024
Duration:Coming Soon

All it took was one look, and my panties dropped—literally.

Castor DeMatteo has been off-limits since I was a teenager. He used to be a nice jock who’d rustle my hair like I was his kid sister. Now? He’s a capo of the Valentino crime family, lathered in ink and covered in gold rings… everywhere. How do I know? Because one night, at the restaurant where I work, he rented the back room and asked me to work it. There’s only one problem… He’s my brother’s best friend. I don’t know what came over me. I swore off mafia antics since my brother beat someone half-to-death for getting his order wrong, and I haven’t talked to any of them since. But those baby blue eyes surrounded by gold made me throw my inhibitions to the wind. Just how long can I keep up this secret? And how much trouble will it cost me? Drowned in Gold is a standalone spicy, dark mafia, brother's best friend romance with a HEA. Intended for mature listeners.

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