The Burning Rooms

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Release Date:July 9, 2024
Duration:11 hr, 54 min

A serial arsonist with a burning desire...

In a country town, an arsonist is burning homes down. Their signature move is placing an identical model of the house on the front porch before setting the fire. But no one is there to witness this in the silence of each dark winter night. A happy couple is out celebrating their anniversary when they receive a chilling phone call—a recorded children's verse warning them their house is on fire and their children are gone. They race home to an inferno and missing children. Detective Jace Franco is first on the scene and is confronted by scenes that will haunt him. The couple were good friends of his. And there's something else—a model house near the front door. He sighted exactly the same thing thirteen years ago, at a fire that claimed the lives of a whole family.  Franco becomes certain a twisted killer is at work. But his team is not convinced. The fire is officially deemed a tragic accident.  There is just one other person who saw what Franco did thirteen years ago—Franco's former homicide partner, Kate Wakeland. Can he tempt her away from her new role with the federal police for this one case? Or will the arsonist continue to destroy the evidence with each of their deadly blazes?

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