Confluence of Fates
Confluence of Fates
First Fist - Book 2

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Release Date:July 2, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:21 hr, 7 min

After defending the Sanctum, hearth and home of the Jackal Sect, Luca and his disciples have worked hard to establish a foothold on their little island. 

The Skalds remain undealt with, however, and the Wylish folk face an unforgiving winter. Without the meat and herbs Luca harvested, many would have already died from starvation and sickness. And the cold will only deepen with time. Luca's shouldered a monstrous burden. In addition to extending his protection to the exiles, the cultivator has taken on a most improbable task: raising the nascent Jackal Sect to a position of power. One of seven in Andaya abroad, Luca's sect lacks what its six sister sects have aplenty. They have few resources, limited manpower, and far too little time to amend these shortcomings.  Most dire of all, their deity is young. Though Leshra's wit is sharp, her own powers fall well short of the gods Dai and Ro. The Chaos Monks will not let the theft of the Divinity Scroll remain unchallenged. With all the trials Luca faces, he has no choice but to strive for greater power.  He's set his eyes on the island's interior. There lies priceless reagents, the potential to make up for the lack imposed by their isolation, and if he plays his cards right, the boon of much-needed allies. _First Fist is a progression fantasy series containing elements of wuxia/cultivation, light and creamy LitRPG, sect- and base-building, light crafting, and epic fantasy. While this book contains cussing and graphic violence, it does not contain explicit or sexual content. _

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