The Primeval Apocalypse 4
The Primeval Apocalypse 4
The Primeval Apocalypse - Book 4

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Release Date:August 6, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:12 hr, 54 min

Dragons hunt whales. He hunts dragons.

Colin and his companions thought they had seen it all in this savage world. But as they investigate the aftermath of their last battle, a new mystery emerges: why would a dragon hunt a whale? The path to the truth is riddled with danger. Mutant dinosaurs, conniving mandrills, and territorial dragons stand between Colin and the answers he seeks. As a Beastmaster, Colin has faced many challenges, but this quest will test his abilities like never before. With his loyal crocodile companion Noaich, the spiky-tailed armadillo Wowser, the magical giant moth Gothra, and now the plucky human Ranger Parker at his side, Colin must navigate treacherous terrain, complete daunting quests, and confront the dragons head-on. The secrets they uncover could change everything they thought they knew about this post-apocalypse world. In a land where adaptation is the key to survival, Colin must evolve his strategies to secure his place in the hierarchy of predators. Are you ready to join the flight?

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