SOS HOTEL: Sleep with Us
SOS HOTEL: Sleep with Us
SOS HOTEL - Book 3

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Performed By:Michael Lesley
Release Date:January 21, 2025
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

Three weeks in, and the SOS Hotel is still standing.

I know, crazy right? Despite the gremlins, lethal electrics, vampire threats, a shadowbeast in the attic, and a psycho sorcerer, our doors remain open to all Lost Ones. Also, nobody has died... in a few days. All I have to do is hold it all together, keep every guest safe, not mention the body in the flowerbeds—and maybe we’ll last another week? But Sebastien has demanded Zee return to the club, or he’ll hurt more demons. Sebastien has become a big problem. And problems, like gremlins, have a habit of multiplying at the SOS Hotel. I promised Zee I’d stay out of his other life. But I can’t—won’t—watch Sebastien mistreat him. I might be a boring, average, harmless human, but even I have my limits. Plus, I’ve got a vampire on my side. Lord Reynard has a knack for getting answers out of people, and together, we’re going to find a way to break Sebastien’s hold over Zee, even if part of our plan involves an evening of la mort d’amour at Razorsedge. Reynard says we’re not going to do anything risky. But I kind of, maybe, just a little bit... want to? Trust me. I’m Adam Vex. Totally normal human. It’s all going to turn out just fine. I’m absolutely certain I have everything under control... probably. Welcome to the SOS Hotel. SOS Hotel is a whacky MMM adventure about a vampire lord, an ex-porn-star demon, and a boring human who absolutely does not have any secrets. Dark humor and explicit language abound. For mature listeners.

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