Mist Wardens
Mist Wardens
Beastborne - Book 3

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Release Date:February 8, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:28 hr, 48 min

A new home on the brink of disaster. A discovery of forbidden powers. And a savage winter fast approaching. Aldim does not suffer the weak.

The battle’s end was supposed to bring peace and establish the Bravers’ new home in the Shiverglades, but all it brought was pain and suffering. With his closest friends lost to another realm, over half of the settlement’s population injured, and missing supply chains, Hal doesn’t have a moment to rest. He may have won the battle with the Shiverglades, but he has yet to win the war. The Beastborne has his work cut out for him if he plans to build a Sanctum that’ll last. Worse, a rival Founder plots against Hal, threatening to unleash an entity that is fated to scar the Manaseed and cull the Bravers Guild once and for all. Fortunately, there’s a lot to turn to that isn’t preordained. A Reaper-turned-friend, inventive koblins, industrious dwarves, Wyrd Strain, and Bonecrafting could defy their fate. And he isn’t the only one with newfound Class powers that might give them a fighting chance. The Bravers Guild needs more than just survival. They need their home whole. But to do the impossible and reach across the divide between Worldshards to rescue their lost companions, the Manaseed’s Elysian powers must be stronger. Can the Bravers Guild Level Up their settlement and their Manaseed through building, fighting, and crafting to conquer the coming storm, or will they succumb to a doomed fate after all?

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