The Insanity of Reincarnated Mages and Amorous Vampires
The Insanity of Reincarnated Mages and Amorous Vampires
Spellbound - Book 1

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Release Date:August 13, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 54 min

Reborn love. Unleashed magic. We won't fail twice.

Hi, I'm Kit. Immortal vampire and technomage extraordinaire. You know how it goes. For the record, I am absolutely not stalking my reincarnated husband. Okay, I am, but it's for his own good. And mine. Er, assuming I can somehow figure out how to tell him he's reincarnated and a mage, and we all live in a sentient library. Any thoughts on that? I'm currently taking suggestions. One thing's for sure. He's not dying on me again. Never again. Tags: The fluffiest fluff to ever fluff that y’know includes violence; magic; reincarnated lovers; vampires; sassy library; Kassandra the library has opinions; found family; all the magical shenanigans; Kit and Gun are part-time soulmates, full-time problem; authors have lost all discretion in this; Kit is a walking green flag; the crack ship armada is sailing at full speed here; master should never have access to a credit card, or a bookstore; no book is off-limits with that man. Triggers involve too much sap and cuteness; occasionally blowing shit up; violence is not the question but it is the answer; Sentient Library tells all; I’m absolutely a library book, check me out.

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