The Hedge Wizard 4
The Hedge Wizard 4
The Hedge Wizard - Book 4

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Release Date:August 13, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:28 hr, 12 min

The Battle of Sheercliff is over. The Dragon Keeper Trials await.

With the newly hatched Nishari at his side, it is finally time for Hump to face his fate in Drakalyn, home of the wolf dragons, but to get there he must venture through the Fallen Lands—a realm lost to dungeons and monsters. Only, time is not on his side. The Book of Infinite Pages has awoken, and if Hump fails to master his manifested soul, others will seek to claim it. Even in these distant lands, a new danger approaches, and it seeks the blood of a goddess. The Dragon Keepers are all that stand between Celaine’s people and death. The White Flame must blaze again. This is book four of a progression fantasy LitRPG series about a working-class wizard out to forge his own path and prove that one does not have to be chosen to do great deeds.

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