The Hedge Wizard
The Hedge Wizard
The Hedge Wizard - Book 1

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Release Date:June 21, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 21 min

Legends speak of wizards with the power to rival Gods…

To Hump, it’s just a story. Apprenticed to a wandering wizard, he grew up on the road, following the coin on whatever quest it took them. He always believed his master was just an ordinary hedge wizard, until the old man suddenly died, and his book of spells bound to Hump’s soul. Knowing no other life, Hump takes up his master’s staff and heads out alone into a world of dungeons and monsters. Scorned by the gods, wizards can trust only their own wit and skill to survive. Lacking the godly gifts and grand ideals of the Chosen few, Hump fights for something else. If he wants to eat, he needs to work. And with a new Dungeon opening in Bledsbury, where better for a young hedge wizard to earn some coin? So begins the path of The Wanderer. The White Flame. The Hedge Wizard. Experience the start of a Progression Fantasy LitRPG Series about a working-class wizard out to forge his own path and prove that one does not have to be Chosen to do great deeds. About the Series: Multiple magic systems, spells stolen from the gods, and an undefined path of progression, The Hedge Wizard brings a realism-focused spin to GameLit / LitRPG. Explore a world of long forgotten legends, where the Gods now reign and monsters roam.

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