Gavriil Nikolaev
Gavriil Nikolaev
Nikolaev Bratva - Book 2

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Release Date:December 26, 2023
Duration:7 hr, 41 min

My boss wants me to have his baby.

Under normal circumstances, that’d be an easy “Uhh… no.” But Gavriil Nikolaev is not the kind of man who likes to be denied. Besides, even if I did find him attractive—which I most certainly do not… And even if I wasn’t his employee—which I definitely am… There’s no getting around the fact that he’s an incredibly dangerous man. I’ve been down this road before, and it almost ruined my life. I refuse to do it again. But he doesn’t seem to care what I will or won’t do. He’s got his eyes set on me. And he won’t take no for an answer. Gavriil Nikolaev is book two in the Nikolaev Bratva trilogy. The story of the Nikolaev brothers continues in book three, Bastien Nikolaev.

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