Wolf Man

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Release Date:June 6, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:3 hr, 36 min

Wolf Pack is the inspiration for the new original series on Paramount+ and is a winner of the prestigious Aurora Award and the Silver Birch Award.

Werewolf rising… Battling a wolf to save a little girl’s life makes Argus Brock a local hero. But what the small town of Redstone doesn’t know is that the tough teenager is a secretly a werewolf, which means the wolf Argus bit during the fight is now a werewolf, too. But unlike Argus and his wolf pack siblings, this wolf man is far from tame. When the new werewolf takes the life of a beloved pet, a bounty is put on the head of every wolf in Redstone Forest. Now Noble, Argus, Harlan and Tora can no longer escape to the woods to run free and relish their wolfen nature, making their hometown suddenly feel too small...and all too dangerous. Then, the werewolf shows up at the Brock family home, a wounded wolf in his arms and a plea for help in his eyes. Alongside the forest ranger who raised them, the wolf pack work together to protect one of their own. But who will protect the pack when the truth emerges about their wild and mysterious nature?

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