Blade of Iris

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Release Date:March 28, 2023
Duration:15 hr, 2 min

I was sold to my enemies.

The Volkov’s are the nightmares they warned me of as a child, the ones they spoke of in the dark in hushed tones. Traitors and killers—the boogeymen themselves—sent to scare children like me; the children of their enemies. I'm a Kelly. A family that they have been at war with since before I was born. Now, I am to marry into the Bratva Pigs; to become their blushing bride. It's my father's plan, and theirs as well. A marriage to create peace. To unite the families and end the bloodshed once and for all. We are a symbol of hope, of the future, of harmony. I have other ideas. I’m going to make these Vegas Kings fall. I’m going to kill the Volkov’s and serve their hearts up on a platter for my father. They won’t see it coming. The blade of iris will be their end, even if it starts the Mafia Wars. Blade of Iris is a reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world. It is recommended for mature listeners.

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