Unexpected Eva

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Release Date:November 28, 2023
Duration:12 hr, 39 min

When soon-to-be divorced mother of two and dance instructor Eva Wallace attends a charity auction, the last thing she expects is Knox Black.

The billionaire hotelier bids an extortionate amount to secure one-to-one dance lessons with her. Older. Sexy as sin. Her father’s best friend. Forbidden. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse. "Stay with me tonight." One night. Just one night to extinguish the undeniable flame that burns ferociously between them. But destiny has other plans, and things quickly spiral out of control. One night turns to two, then three, then four... but their secret tryst has to remain exactly that—a secret. But secrets never stay that way for long. What happens when Knox’s son confesses his feelings for her? What about when her angry ex decides he still owns her? And then there is her dad. There’s always someone unexpected waiting in the wings to uncover their secret. And if that happens, it threatens to break both of their hearts and families apart. Forever. Unexpected Eva is a standalone age gap, dad’s billionaire best friend love story. It’s a perfectly blended full-length forbidden romance filled with heat, emotion, and a Happy Ever After, with no cliffhanger. Unexpected Eva is book three of the Triple Trouble series. Each book can be enjoyed as a standalone but has cross-over characters. Intended for mature listeners.

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