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Release Date:April 2, 2024
Duration:8 hr, 20 min

When Little Miss Sunshine and a hot, grumpy rancher are forced to live together, what could possibly go wrong?

To the small town of Landmark Mountain, Callum Landmark is a man of few words and is considered to be the family grump. Uninvited and unexpected, I crash into his world like a wrecking ball and disrupt the delicate balance of his carefully constructed existence. Forced to live together due to my life’s unexpected adventure, I find that the more time I spend with him, the more I see beneath his impenetrable exterior and into the heart of the man that not many are privileged to witness. Against all odds, that vulnerability draws me in, tugging at the strings of my heart with an undeniable force. Coupled with his love for animals—nothing could be more charming than to watch this sexy, rugged rancher and animal whisperer at work. But our connection is forged at the worst possible timing. I’m running from past mistakes, and meeting Callum has me jumping headfirst into a whirlwind of new complications. Yet, I can't resist his allure and the sizzling tension between us. As I navigate the twists and turns of my new life in this quaint town, I can't help but wonder if falling for Callum might be the most unpredictable adventure of all. Falling_ is book four in the standalone Landmark Mountain series. It's a sexy and emotional small town, grumpy/sunshine, close proximity romance from USA Today bestselling author Willow Aster._

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