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Release Date:June 29, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 30 min

To be born a Flameskin is to be born with fire in your heart and desolation at your fingertips

. Flameskins are born to be shunned and hated, enslaved or killed. It is fire that runs through their veins, not blood, and the demons inside them will always whisper death in their ears. All of them succumb to the lies of the fire in the end, to become creatures of burning and malice. Enslaved as a child, Flameskin Lark has been forced to use her fire to smuggle goods across the Sunken Sea. She has resisted the whisperings of the flames all her life, but her time is running out. When a smuggling job goes wrong, she is abandoned by her slaver to be killed or captured. She is given a chance for freedom, but it comes at a steep price. Her journey to freedom will take her to her homeland; a place she is not welcome and where she will be killed if discovered. Will salvation lie in Nordy's dethroned prince, her heartless thief, or in the very flames that threaten to destroy her? Includes Flamecursed, a Flameskin Chronicles novella.

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